Electroneum Blockchain Upgrade Update

Tech Update

The tech team have calculated that 5th June we should see transactions restored on our blockchain and profitability return for GPU miners – which should restore blockchain functionality.

All the new blockchain enhancements will go live with the return of full functionality.

Estimated Block Difficulty:

Thank you for your patience during this blockchain upgrade, which was required to ensure it can cope with the much higher transactional volumes that we’ve experienced and predicted for the future.


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Tech UpdateThe tech team have calculated that tomorrow (5th June) we should see transactions restored on our…

Posted by Electroneum on Monday, June 4, 2018

ETN’s Network Upgrade Urgent News

Mining Pool Owners & GPU Miners – We need YOUR help!

Earn extra ETN reward over the next 26 blocks!

The Electroneum blockchain forked at block 307500 today. As you are aware, the time it takes to mine blocks should be approximately every 2 minutes. Due to the extremely high difficulty caused by previously having ASICs on the network, blocks are taking substantially longer than usual (hours rather than minutes) while the network adjusts.

Firstly, we want to thank the community, our miners and the mining pools in continuing to support the network while we get through these difficult blocks.

However, we are not happy with the low returns our miners are receiving right now, so as a gesture to thank everyone who continues to support us, we will be supplementing the next 26 block rewards by with an ETN bonus (see below). This offer will run for blocks 307501 – 307527.

Mined under an hour 200,000 ETN bonus
1 – 2 hours 150,000 ETN bonus
2 – 3 hours 100,000 ETN bonus
3 – 4 hours 50,000 ETN bonus

So how will this work? After each block is mined, the pool which successfully receives the block reward should contact the team by opening a support ticket (support.electroneum.com) with subject “BLOCK REWARD”. They MUST include the public key (ETN wallet address) and view key of the address which successfully mined the block so that we can verify they are indeed the owners. We will check the block time of each mined block and send out the appropriate amount to the public key provided.

Can you please contact your users to let them know it’s well worth their while getting back online, and let your users know how to change the algorithm on their software to mine with MoneroV7 or Cryptonight_V7


More can be read on Electroneum Official Facebook Page

Critical Update Regarding The Electroneum Network Upgrade

There is a CRITICAL network upgrade planned for 30th May 2018 (block height 307,500). The estimated time of upgrade will be 09:30 UTC.

If you are a regular App user or my.electroneum.com user, you do not need to do anything. However, if you mine via a Pool please ensure that pool is aware that they MUST update their wallet and node software before May 29th.

The latest software is available from GitHub

Please share this information as much as possible to ensure a smooth transition that will bring about numerous positive changes within the community! The full information on how to update your nodes are clearly outlined here on the blog: https://electroneum.com/2018/05/17/critical-electroneum-network-upgrade/

Thank you for your involvement this week, do remember to share our news regarding the Network upgrade and have a fantastic week!

The Electroneum Team.