Major Cryptocurrencies Exchanges Are Now Re-opened For Withdrawals And Deposits of Electroneum After Significant Software Update

From Electroneum’s official social media accounts, we can see that at least 3 reputable exchanges (CoinBene Global, Liquid Global and HitBTC) are now re-opened for withdrawals and deposits of Electroneum after the significant software update and implementation of the new Moderated Blockchain.

So what’s this update all about, you may ask.

Taken from this post:
Ells explains: “Proof of Responsibility brings three new key characteristics to Electroneum’s cryptocurrency ETN, which are benefits to the end user, security and reliability to the exchanges and the those validating the blocks, and to be able to handpick responsible organisations that actually empower people and who will mine the cryptocurrency and by no means attempt to hack the system for personal gain.”

and the game-changing Moderated Blockchain, a very unique open ledger network that enables the highly skilled staff to permanently monitor the system to ensure it is 100% free of any anomaly and when one does occur, crush it immediately and thus prevent a 51% percent attack from every happening.

More info and news can be found here on
Electroneum’s official Facebook Page

Electroneum Is Now Available To Trade In South African Rand (ZAR) For The First Time

Electroneum made another important step to reach the unbanked.

Officially announced on Twitter, Electroneum with the focus to help the unbanked, is now listed on South African exchange Artis Turba.

#ETN is now available to trade in South African Rand (ZAR) for the first time. A massive step towards mass adoption in South Africa.

Some of interesting facts about South African:

20% of South African (11.2 million) are unbanked
46% of people in townships are unbanked
30 million South Africans earn less than $70 a month
20% earn less than $30 a month